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MyWobile is a location based social networking that brings new possibilities, helping you to:

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myWobile Celebrates Singapore's 44th National Day!

myWobile will like to wish Singapore a happy 44th Happy Birthday!

myWobile takes this opportunity to celebrate by having our soft launch. Some of you may have found us through our featured writeup. Feel free to browse around, try to find the mini nuggets. If you are lucky, you will even get to be rewarded for hitting the right buttons!

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Why Use it
MyWobile is a unique mobile application that brings social networking closer to reality

Forget about waiting for your friends to be logged on to Instant Messenger (IM) because you can directly communicate with them through MyWobile.

MyWobile also allows you to directly update your Twitter status through the application itself.
With MyWobile, we redefine convenience through your mobile phone.

MyWobile is a FREE mobile location based application that enables you to discover the latest happenings & events in town, browse & locate the shops that you want to patronize around your area, and lastly connect and interact with other fellow MyWobilers too.
MyWobile exists to revolutionize the social networking scene by bringing you the first mobile phone based social networking tool in Singapore.

Since almost every Singaporean carries a mobile phone, this allows users to be always on the social network. This suggests the possibility of messages to be received instantaneously, independent of the need to be 'online'.
YOU: I was at Orchard Road this Saturday night all by myself and I was so bored that I caught a movie all alone.
Your Friend: What? I was there alone too, you could have called me.

Isn’t the above conversation common?
With MyWobile, we take away the guesswork for you and help you locate your friends without you needing to SMS or call each friend individually.

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